The peculiar feature and strength of Venice is the water, wherever you go. Venice is made up of 121 islands connected by 435 bridges within a lagoon separated from the Adriatic Sea by a series of islands (Venice Lido and Pellestrina); therefore it is completely surrounded by water. There are no roads within the dense and complex urban fabric of Venice, but canals and pedestrian alleys (called “calli”) instead, so it can only be visited on foot or by boat.


Given its size, Venice can be visited the whole length and breadth on foot: perhaps this is the best way to get to know it properly and to discover the most suggestive and surprising corners of the city. With a good map and letting your feet lead the way, you will be able to fully appreciate the soul of Venice; literally “getting lost” among the bridges, alleys and squares, away from the most common tourist routes.


Yellow signs on the side of buildings give the directions to the main reference points of the city: San Marco, Rialto, the railway station (Venezia Santa Lucia) and the vehicle and bus terminal (Piazzale Roma).




Purchase tourist tickets – (1, 2, 3, and 7 days), on the Venezia Unica website, and once you have arrived in Venice, you will be able to move about freely on all the bus and navigation lines. The all-inclusive tickets include the Marco Polo transfer. Tickets bought online can be obtained from automatic ticket vending machines or from Venezia Unica Ticket Points



If you are between 6 and 29 years of ages, you have right to  Rolling Venice, – a special card that not only gives you information about the city, but  also allows you to buy a 3 day tourist ticket at a reduced rate. You also have access to a series of discounts offered by more than 200 commercial enterprises and cultural offices in Venice. You can purchase the Rolling Venice online or at Venezia Unica ticket points



If you want to move about the Venetian alleys on foot, you will most probably need to buy a Map of Venice.  It is a detailed  city map with a very useful map of the Navigation lines. You can buy it for €3,00  in any Venezia Unica Ticket Points

Carnevale di VENEZIA 2019

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